What is Wow Talkies? The fan engagement platform for movie fans. Fans can become super fans on the platform. Fan Communities, Artists and Studios contribute to the fans' endeavor to be a super fan. 

For Fans

– Fraternize on all things movie – Collect, personalize, create, rent and lend collectable – Build communities, enjoy exclusivity, and be recognized – Work their way up the superfan leaderboard

For Artists

– Engage in communities, aid fan recognition – Create and market content and collectable – Reward super fan

For Studios

– Form communities for their movie propertie – Organise IRL event – Community source idea

For Communities

– Profess fandom with the collective might of fan – Create content for the leaderboard – Provide recognition with the collective wisdom – Incentivize and reward community participation

Current Features The fandom place that makes fans - super fan.

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