What is Wanchain? Wanchain drives blockchain adoption through crosschain interoperability by building fully decentralised direct bridges that connect the world’s many siloed blockchain network

Stats Block Height 29,707,502 Total Transaction 46,342,577 Uninterrupted Uptime 5 : 303 : 10 : 7 : 15 Connected Network 31 Crosschain Volume $657,078,695

DIRECT Wanchain's direct bridges do not rely on any centralised hub or relay chain.

DECENTRALISED Wanchain bridge nodes are permissionless, decentralised and non-custodial.

FAIR Anyone can deploy a Wanchain bridge node. Nodes are rotated and re-elected on a monthly basis. INCENTIVISED Node operators and delegators are rewarded for securing the network and bridges with WAN coins.

SECURE Wanchain bridge nodes use Secure Multiparty Computation and Shamir’s Secret Sharing cryptography. ACCESSIBLE Wanchain is fully EVM compatible, making it easy for developers to build crosschain Solidity-based applications.