What is VVS Finance? VVS Finance — the simplest DeFi venue for everyone. VVS is designed to be the simplest DeFi platform for users to swap tokens, earn high yields, and most importantly have fun!

AIM VVS Finance aims to make DeFi simple and within reach of billions. Low fees, fast transactions, and competitive earnings.

Shiny yield farming opportunity Streams of passive income to multiply your assets. The rarest and brightest yield farming in the VVS farms.

Clear incentives for all Token economics and incentives built for long-term value creation. Our mines will always be bountiful.

Hardened security and governance Design with security in mind and community governance at heart. Platform governance will be passed gradually to the community.

Our core product features: 1. Bling Swap 2. Crystal Farms 3. Glitter Mines 4. Initial Gem Offering (IGO) 5. xVVS 6. Miner Mole NFTA