What is Vega Protocol? Vega is an uncompromisingly decentralised derivatives DEX that runs on a purpose-built chain optimised for derivative trading. 

Vega allows for trading of derivative products with no gas fees and other features that make it the preferred place for serious and retail derivative traders alike.

Features Non-custodial and pseudonymou No third party has access to your funds. Purpose built proof of stake blockchain Fully decentralised high performance peer-to-network trading.

Low fees and no cost to place order Fees work like a CEX with no per-transaction gas for order Transparent and open source trading All Vega source code and trading data are publicly available.

Capital efficient margin trading Leveraged trading with full cross-margining. Rich CEX-style order book and API Fully decentralised limit order book (dCLOB) and historic data APIs.

Decentralised liquidity incentivisation Liquidity provision is fairly rewarded from fee revenue by the protocol. Permissionless market creation Create any market on any underlying with on-chain governance