What Is Uma? Uma is a decentralized truth machine.  UMA' s optimistic oracle (OO) can record any verifiable truth or data onto a blockchain.

Launch products with the 00 as your backbone. 1. Governance 2. Predictable Market 3. Insurance  4. Cross-chain communications 5. Real World Assets

Governance The OO can be used to enable more trustless forms of DAO governance. The first product using this is oSnap, which is a trustless method to execute the results of a Snapshot vote on chain.

Predictable Market The OO can validate natural-language statements and answer questions about real-world events. This includes arbitrary questions about weather, sports, elections, markets or anything universally verifiable.

Insurance The OO is uniquely positioned to help decide if insurance claims should be paid out. It be used as a trustless keeper service to trigger insurance payment once an insured event has occurred.

Cross-Chain Communication The OO can verify any statement, including statements about data on other networks. The OO can be used in this way for cross chain messaging. It is used by the bridge Across Protocol today to enable cross-chain asset bridging.

Real World Asset UMA's OO can be used to bring any piece of widely verifiable real world data on chain. This can include data about real world assets, allowing for the creation of many things such as as synthetic assets.