Ultimate Digits A cutting-edge platform set to revolutionize digital identity in the Web3 era. Harness the power of personalized phone number-based Web3 usernames, and elevate your digital presence to new heights. 

Get Web3 Transaction Alerts via Text or Push Notification The app provides secure and customizable notifications for your Web3 transactions, either as push notifications or text messages through our secure relay.

Receive and Send Crypto with Ease Use your virtual mobile number to map to your Web3 wallet address and simplify sending and receiving cryptocurrency. No need to share your entire wallet address, avoiding errors and domain name creation.

Connect Securely with Decentralized VOIP and Messaging Experience the future of communication with our decentralized VOIP and messaging platform. Choose who can contact you. Secure, private, and crystal clear.

Bridging the Gap Between Web2 and Web3 Ultimate Digits stands at the forefront, bridging the gap between the familiar and the future. Transition seamlessly from Web2 to Web3 with the ultimate user-friendly experience, and redefine your online presence.

About the Founder 1. Atharva Sabnis | Co-Founder and CEO 10 years experience: Following a double-major in Economics and Finance from RIT, Atharva worked in private equity in Miami and Shanghai, and then founded and exited an ad-tech company, Fractal Media.

2. Ayan Uali | Co-Founder and CTO 5 years experience: Following a double-major in Software Engineering and Economics from RIT, Ayan has worked as a software engineer at Fidelity Investments, Freeshop Inc.