What Is Trader Joe? Trader Joe is a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) that offers a market leading one-stop-shop Decentralized Finance (DeFi) experience. Trade across hundreds of Tokens, earn rewards from Yield Farming, Lend and Borrow Tokens, and also Shop for the latest digital collectibles (NFTs).

DECENTRALIZED Built on the Blockchain, Trader Joe runs on Smart Contract Operating entirely on a decentralized network, Trader Joe’s Exchange is accessible around the clock worldwide and is not restricted by any central authority.

SWAP TOKENS Swap Tokens instantly at a low cost, in a decentralized way Users can directly trade hundreds of tokens on Trader Joe. Decentralized Exchanges facilitate Token Swaps through smart contracts on the blockchain.

PASSIVE INCOME Put your Tokens to work and earn a share of trading fee Trader Joe allows investors to generate passive income on their tokens while maintaining self-custody. Users can stake their tokens into various liquidity pools and enjoy yields earned from swap fees in Liquidity Book.

BONUS REWARDS Yield bonus token rewards by providing liquidity Trader Joe works with hundreds of ecosystem partners to bring users additional rewards, such as bonus tokens! Depositing Tokens into a yield farm will unlock these bonus rewards.

DEPOSIT & EARN Supply a token and earn interest using a decentralized money market Through supplying and lending tokens on Trader Joe, users automatically earn interest on their deposits.

JOE TOKEN JOE Token is the utility for the Trader Joe ecosystem JOE token allows users to earn a share of the platform’s revenue and unlocks access to exclusive rewards and features.