What Is Tomochain? TomoChain is a highly scalable and secure blockchain network in mainnet since 2018, taking a community-driven approach to accelerate the mass adoption of web3 applications.

Blockchain Stats 2s - Blocktime $0.0001 - Cost per transactions 21.612.970 - Total TOMO staked

$0.0001 - Processing capability 847.460.557 - Total transaction 150 - No. masternode

Features 1. Blazing fast 2. Near zero fees 3. Extra safe

Blazing Fast The TomoChain network supports 2,000 TPS, and 2s blocktime. Your transactions can be done in a blink of eye.

Near Zero Fee They talking about making thousands of transactions for as little as less than $1.

Extra Safe The TomoChain blockchain is secured by a highly decentralized masternode network with a built-in randomization mechanism.

Powered by the people TomoChain takes a community-driven approach to build the future through TomoMasterDAO where everyone has a say in the development and partnerships of the network.