What is ThunderCore? ThunderCore is a powerful blockchain & thriving ecosystem, empowering visionary developers to push the limits of what's possible in mobile experiences.

EVM compatible Full compatibility with all Ethereum smart contracts and tools, port in seconds. Super scalable 4,000+ TPS performance on par with VISA. Enhanced InteroperabilityCross-chain compatible with Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Huobi Eco Chain

Fast and cheap Sub-second confirmations and low gas fees that cost <$0.00001. Eco-Friendly Running on proof of stake mechanism (POS) makes TT energy efficient.📷

Simply acquire users By deploying on ThunderCore, you can list your DApp on TT Wallet and expose them to millions of worldwide users ready to play, watch, earn & create. Scalable and low costThe ThunderCore network supports 4,000+ TPS and super low gas fees, allowing you to keep your operational costs at a minimum