What is the Theta Token? The Theta Token (THETA) is the governance token of the Theta protocol. THETA is used to stake as a Validator or Guardian node, contributing to block production and the protocol governance of the Theta Network.

What is the Theta Network? Theta Network is the next generation media and entertainment focused blockchain. 

Theta infrastructure enables existing video and media platforms to drive incremental revenues and reduce content delivery CDN costs while rewards end-users for sharing their storage and/or bandwidth on any PC, mobile, Smart TV or IoT device.

Dual Network Theta Network is a "dual network" consisting of two complementary subsystems, the Theta Blockchain and the Theta Edge Network.

Theta Blockchain The Theta blockchain provides payment, reward, and smart contract capabilities.

Edge Network Edge network is responsible for the storage and delivery of media assets like images and videos. Below we provide more details for the two components.

Theta Blockchain Features 1. Unique Consensus Mechanism, Fast and Green 2. Smart Contract Support and EVM Compatibility 3. Theta Metachain 4. Dual Token Design

The Edge Network Features 1. Theta Video API 2. Theta EdgeStore