What is Thena? THENA is THE native liquidity layer & AMM on BNB Chain

Swap Your Token With Low Slippage Thena’s smart routing, deep liquidity, and latest AMM technology allow you to enjoy low slippage and high return when swapping one cryptocurrency for another.

Stake and Earn Passive Income Stake your assets for instant passive income streams. No deposit or withdrawal fees. You have full control over your funds.

Liquidity Layer for BNB Chain Thena was designed to onboard the next generation of protocols to the BNB chain by opening up a free market for THE emissions. Protocols can bribe veTHE holders or acquire veTHE to redirect emissions to their pools, offering a flexible and capital efficient solution to bootstrap and scale liquidity.

Novel ve(3,3) Tokenomic Inspired by the vote-escrow model from Curve and the anti-dilution mechanism from Olympus, veTHE holders control 100% of Thena’s emissions allocated to gauges and benefit from weekly rebases, reducing dilution from emissions over time.

A Community-Owned Protocol No VCs, no seed round. THENA had a decentralized distribution that targeted regular users of core protocols on the BNB chain and supported protocols that intend to leverage THENA to build their liquidity. 

Low Fee Hybrid vAMM/ sAMM With fees ranging from 0.01% for stable pools to 0.2% for variable pools, THENA allows traders to execute trades with minimal slippage. Executing a trade will follow the cheapest route based on available liquidity in the pools, with trading fees incurred.