What is The Graph? The Graph Network is a decentralized indexing protocol for organizing blockchain data. Applications use GraphQL to query open APIs called subgraphs, to retrieve data that is indexed on the network. 

Why You Should Use The Graph Network – 60-98% lower monthly cost – $0 infrastructure setup cost – Superior uptime – Access to 438 Indexers (and counting) – 24/7 technical support by global community

A Transparent Ledger for Everyone Web3 is built on blockchains, which function like public ledgers that anyone can access. This technology is as revolutionary as the early internet, but it too faces an organization problem.

An Open System of API The flow of data is a crucial element of the internet. However, as internet users access data published to the web, they also generate usage and behavior data of their own. User data has long been the backbone.

The Graph’s Incentive Structure 1. Indexers. 2. Delegators  3. Curators  4. Subgraph Developers

The Future of Web3 with The Graph One of the core values of web3 is decentralization, which enables a world where contributors, users, and creators on the internet are the same individuals that get to shape its future.