How does sypto work? Sypto is an automated crypto trading platform for spot trading that you can connect to your Centralized Exchange(Binance, Kraken, Kucoin ) & decentralized Exchange Dydx.

Mission The sypto team is on a mission to bring advanced technology in the world of investing, so that each & everyone could invest in crypto, risk-free with absolute peace of mind.

Sypto Strategy Sypto's automated crypto trading strategy is a long-only portfolio of top Market coins. The Strategy does smart allocation & portfolio then rebalances daily to regularly minimize losses and book profits.

Is sypto safe? Cryptocurrencies are risky and prices could be very volatile. Unlike any other crypto trading bot, Sypto handles risks and can guarantee that its performance will be positive with very minimal losses.

How much does sypto trading bot cost? While most crypto trading bots have fixed monthly prices or an upfront annual fee, Sypto charges only 20% on realized profits. So basically you pay only when we perform.

What makes sypto different? Most crypto trading bots require the user to select or even construct a trading strategy. Sypto, however, provides the concept of Superfolio, which allows us to place timely trades in order to benefit from momentum gains.