What is Sweat Economy? SWEAT is the natural evolution of Sweatcoin. Global, open, and fair, SWEAT is a next generation cryptocurrency that will bring the next billion people into Web 3.0, and make movement part of global GDP.

Growth Jar When you grow your $SWEAT by locking it in Growth Jars, you can earn more on your $SWEAT, access better rewards, enjoy an optimized app experience, and lower your transaction fees.

Reward Unlock access to life-changing rewards like Teslas, trips around the world, and more whenever y

Sweat Hero A dynamic, free NFT game where players go head-to-head to win $SWEAT.

Learn & Earn Learn about the world of Web3, and earn $SWEAT and other tokens for successfully completing short lessons and Quests.

Fiat on-ramp Use your credit or debit card to buy $SWEAT and other tokens right in your Sweat Wallet.* Building your portfolio has never been easier.