What is Streamr? The Streamr Network is a decentralized, topic-based publish-subscribe system. Each stream or pub-sub topic has its own peer-to-peer overlay network that is built and maintained by a set of BitTorrent-like trackers. 

Features AI Data delivery to, from & between AI models and AI agents. Live Video Stream any media via Streamr's hyperscalable decentralized live CDN.

DePin Stream verifiable data from any networked DePIN hardware or IoT device. Communication Message and coordinate securely without servers or middlemen. Metaverse Multicast interactive experiences and dynamic environments at scale.

Data Monetisation Buy and sell data stream subscriptions.

Tokenomics The Network can operate as a free and open data network, but it also provides incentives for users to run sponsored nodes to provide a higher quality of service, and allows token holders to earn by staking on Operators that share revenue.