What is Stellaswap? StellaSwap is one of the first automated market-making (AMM), decentralized exchange (DEX) for the Moonbeam parachain network.

Objective StellaSwap's main objective is to create a broader range of network effects to address the issues of liquidity in the DeFi space, instead of limiting ourselves to a single solution like many DEXs are doing now.

Creating a unified DEX for billions, securely Stella aims to build an integrated DeFi ecosystem on Moonbeam Fair Launch The fairest way to launch Stellaswap and ensure full decentralization: no presale, no investor, and no pre-mine.

Robust Security & Governance Security as the core pillar of protocol design and community governance at heart. Platform governance will be passed gradually to the community.

Best Prices Stella's AMM algorithm predicated on a variation of the constant product formula ensures deep liquidity, resulting in the best prices and lowest slippage.

Decentralized Exchange As an automated market-making (AMM), facilitating decentralized exchanges or swaps of various coin pairs is the core of what we do! Users can trade coins in the Moonbeam network in a non-custodial manner without going through any centralized intermediary and paying excessive fees.

Access all DeFi offerings on Moonbeam Exchange Swap across a variety of coins on Moonbeam and get the best prices in just one click. Earn Generate yields on your crypto by staking across unlimited farms and our STELLA vault.

NFT Uncover and trade unique NFTs on our marketplace IDO Access high-quality, curated projects on our launchpad that will launch on Moonbeam. Bridge Transfer your assets from other blockchain networks on Moonbeam and access free GLMR to start