What Is Statter Network? Statter Network is the world's first full-service blockchain platform for the metaverse ecosystem.

Statter Network is a metaverse blockchain platform incubated by Holo Metaverse Group Inc.

AIM Statter aims to promote the development of the Holo metaverse industry, while also offering a range of services to support the wider metaverse ecosystem, including technology, applications, and governance. It is widely regarded as the most comprehensive metaverse infrastructure available.

Innovative Drag And Drop Technology Supports creators to easily and flexibly generate blockchains that match the characteristics of creators' applications through drag-and-drop technology.

Cross-Chain DID Interoperability Adopts decentralized identifier(DID) aggregation protocol, and realizes cross-chain DID interoperability in ecology by publishing and verifying standards under unified digital method.

Unique SPoW Consensus Mechanism SPoW(Segmented Proof of Work) consensus mechanism realizes low-carbon home mining and effectively avoids wasting of hardware and electricity resources.

Scaling With Sharding And DAG Realizes task parallelism through sharding technology, and combined with DAG (Direct Acyclic Graph) high-speed asynchronous technology to write transactions concurrently.