What is Stacks? 1. A Bitcoin Layer 2. A network of decentralized app 3. An open network

A Bitcoin Layer Stacks is a blockchain linked to Bitcoin by its consensus mechanism that spans the two chains, called Proof of Transfer. This enables Stacks to leverage Bitcoin’s security and enables Stacks apps to use Bitcoin’s state.

A network of decentralized app What if Bitcoin’s values of trustlessness and permissionlessness could apply to software too? Stacks powers decentralized apps: Apps that run on the Stacks blockchain instead of a centralized server.

An Open Network Like Bitcoin, Stacks is a decentralized network. There are many individuals and companies from all over the world that contribute to and build on Stacks. Join us in building a better internet on Bitcoin.

Built on Bitcoin Stacks extends Bitcoin with new functionality. Bitcoin is Stacks’ secure and robust base layer where all transactions are settled, and Stacks adds complex apps and smart contracts. 

Proof of Transfer Proof of Transfer is the consensus mechanism that runs between Bitcoin and Stacks. It recycles Bitcoin’s Proof of Work to achieve both high levels of decentralization and scalability without additional environmental impact.