What is SpookySwap? All in one decentralized exchange for leveraging diversified funds across ecosystems, with the speed of Fantom Opera.

Swap Tokens Trade tokens with limit orders at the lowest fees. Turn on Expert Mode to view live charts!

Manage Liquidity Be part of the ecosystem by contributing liquidity to the pool for everyone to swap, and in return, earn fees from your contribution!

Stake at Farms & Pool Stake your proof of liquidity contribution at farms to start earning BOOs!

Bridge Bridge from Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and many other chains to diversify your funds across DeFi!

Vote Make proposals, discuss in our community and decide SpookySwap's future with your voting power.

Collect NFT Find your inner Magicat with our Genesis NFT series that were sold out in <5 mins. Now packed with utility to boost your yield!