What is Spiritswap? The SpiritSwap protocol captures the essence of everything Defi 2.0 on the Fantom network, delivering a complete hub for trading, lending and borrowing, reward sharing, staking delegations, and farming.

Swap your favourite token SpiritSwap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) on the Fantom Opera Chain. current AMM architecture is proprietary, combining our upgraded uniV2 AMM with our brand new stable swap. 

Earn passively by farming Farming is the process of lending your assets to our AMM. These assets are used to build liquidity pools, allowing people to swap and trade.

Bridge your token Our bridge aggregator is a first of its kind on Fantom. You can now bridge tokens over from other chains such as Ethereum, Avalanche, Terra and Arbitrum to name a few.

Benefit from inSPIRIT When locking up SPIRIT for inSPIRIT, participants are provided with three value propositions. 1. inSPIRIT allows you to boost your farming emissions 2. Receive a share of revenue from DEX swaps

3. Participate in governance via voting on farm emissions and community proposals via our DAO forum

Lend and borrow Ola’s lending network hosted by SpiritSwap allows for lending and borrowing directly within our DEX. This means people can leverage their trades, leverage their farms, or provide lending assets directly to the network.