What is SolChat? Solchat is a communication protocol on the Solana blockchain, offering text, voice, and video calls similar to Web2, but in a Web3 environment. 

SolChat utilizes Solana's low gas fees and stores messages and group chats on-chain. Privacy is a priority, with encrypted interactions and peer-to-peer audio/video calls via WebRTC to enhance security.

Encryption Solana stores encrypted messages, decrypted upon wallet connection. Security Messages are transactions with custom memos; use a burner wallet with 0.1 SOL for months.

Video Call Video call your friends wallet to wallet, using WebRTC just like WhatsApp. Picture Post images stored on-chain storages like Arweave or IPFS.

Audio Call Talk to your friends via audio, encrypted and peer-to-peer using WebRTC. Payment Send SOL as payments to your friends, similar to CashApp.