What is Skale? SKALE is the World’s Fastest Blockchain Create invisible Web3 experiences designed for fast, secure, user-centric Ethereum scaling

Stats 167,840,977 Total Transaction $2,016,738,469 Total Gas Fees Saved 1,788,188 Unique Wallet 125 Validator Node

Zero Gas Fees. Forever. SKALE is the only blockchain network capable of running an unlimited number of fast, on-demand, pooled-security Blockchains with zero gas fees to end users.

SKALE enables developers to deploy their own interoperable EVM blockchain in minutes without sacrificing security or decentralization. SKALE is a fully decentralized, open source, and community owned project.

SKALE's advanced cryptography and pooled security model enables speed and decentralization without sacrificing security, allowing developers to deliver an exceptional experience to end-users free of any gas fees or latency.