What is Shipfinex? ShipFinex is tokenising the Maritime economy by creating accessibility for retail and institutional investors to buy, trade, sell and own fractional shares in Maritime assets.

ShipFinex is addressing the problems of the Shipping Finance ecosystem through underlying blockchain technology and integrating concepts of real-world asset tokenisation and fractional ownership. 

Better Liquidity Increases opportunities for affordable fractional ownership. No minimum investment is required, increasing market liquidity. Proof -of-Ownership Co-Ownership of a desired Shipping Asset. Proof of Ownership for Shipping Assets on the Blockchain.

Option To Custody Or Not Sale, purchase, lending, and staking on Maritime Marketplace. Tokens can be stored in non-custodial or custodial solution. Investing Opportunities Accredited and non-accredited investors have access to digital securities. Diversification of investments and customization of portfolios are possible.

Higher Valuation Simplifies buying and selling process for maritime assets. Higher prices for assets and avoided opportunity cost of capital. Better Integrity Uses immutable Polygon blockchain, Holds ISO 37001 certificate for anti-bribery measures. Ensures authenticity and integrity of trades on the platform.

Bringing Maritime Economy On-Chain Shipfinex is revolutionizing the Maritime economy by making it more accessible through the power of blockchain.  The platform offers an easy and secure way to invest in Shipping assets, making it easier for everyone to participate in the financial markets.