What is Spiritswap? The SpiritSwap protocol captures the essence of everything Defi 2.0 on the Fantom network, delivering a complete hub for trading, lending and borrowing, reward sharing, staking delegations, and farming.

Features Swap Tokens Swap HBAR and HTS tokens in seconds with no counterparty risk. Provide Liquidity Provide equal value parts of any two tokens, receive LP tokens, and earn interest from swap fees.

Stake in Crop Circle Stake your LP tokens in Crop Circles and receive SAUCE and HBAR emissions. Stake SauceStake your SAUCE to earn rewards from swap fees, HBAR native staking, and emissions –– all with no risk of IL.

Bridge Assets Seamlessly bridge assets to and from Hedera.

Supported by THE HBAR FOUNDATION SaucerSwap is proudly partnered with the HBAR Foundation, an organization dedicated to helping builders and creators bring their ideas to market. 

Audited by HACKEN SaucerSwap's core, farm, vesting, and staking contracts have been audited by Hacken, a leading blockchain security company with an essential focus on auditing, crowdsourced security, pen-testing, monitoring, and analytics.