What Is Rocket Pool? Rocket Pool is a first of its kind ETH Proof of Stake Protocol, designed to be community owned, decentralised, trustless and compatible with staking in Ethereum.

How does Rocket Pool work? 1. Liquid Staking 2. Smart Contract 3. Smart Node  4. Minimised Penalty Risk 5. Infrastructure 6. Experience

Liquid Staking Innovative liquid staking token that accrues while using an increasing exchange rate, rather than rebasing which is better for DeFi and better for tax reporting.

Smart Contract Open source, audited smart contracts ensure funds are never in the custody of node operators.

Smart Node Their custom node software any user/business/group can run a node on our network, stake their own ETH for free and generate a higher return.

Minimised Penalty Risk Any losses that occur from bad nodes for stakers who deposit ETH are socialised across the whole network to minimise impacts on any single user.

Infrastructure Network redundancy and decentralisation are key pillars of the Rocket Pool network. Any potential issues and their effects are minimised using this technique.

Experience Rocket Pool was originally designed in late 2016 using the Mauve Paper which was released by Vitalik.