What is Radix Protocol? Radix protocol is the only decentralized network that lets you build fast, rewards everyone who makes it better, and scales without friction.


Why Radix? A place where DeFi can thrive. 1. A Game Changer for Building DeFi.  2. Supercharging DeFi Ecosystem Growth. 3. Unlimited Scalability, Forever.

A Game Changer for Building DeFi.  A purpose-built DeFi programming environment that will enable fast AND secure development.

Supercharging DeFi Ecosystem Growth. A system of on-ledger royalties that will reward those that contribute dApp code to the ecosystem.

Unlimited Scalability, Forever. A consensus algorithm that will provide unlimited scalability without breaking DeFi composability.

Radix is the only decentralized network where developers will be able to build quickly without the constant threat of exploits and hacks, where every improvement will get rewarded, and where scale will never be a bottleneck.

XRD Tokenomics A Token to Power the Radix Ecosystem The native crypto currency of the Radix network is called RADIX (XRD) and is required for securing the network via staking, accessing DeFi, deploying smart contracts and paying for transactions.