About Us We’re pioneers in distributed ledger technology and champions of interoperability. We provide financial institutions and enterprises with the right foundation to build the blockchain economy.

Our mission To help our customers dramatically reduce their time-to-market, create new revenue lines, and mitigate risk with technology solutions that unlock the power of blockchain for everyone, making it simple, trusted and future-proof.

Our vision We’re working towards an empowered, interconnected world.

Our value Our team shares deep expertise in finance and technology but what unites us is our beliefs. 1. Innovation 2. Ambition 3. Trust 4. Adaptability 5. Respect

Innovation We love a challenge and have little respect for the status quo. Experience has taught us that problems are a matter of perspective and that, with new ideas and a fresh way of looking at things, solutions – more often than not – present themselves.

Ambition The scale of a task won’t deter us when we believe it will take us closer to our vision. Every problem is an opportunity. Every obstacle, the chance to take a calculated risk and question assumptions. In short, we’re not afraid to think big.

Trust  Fundamental to a prosperous economy, trust also lies at the heart of our company. Indeed, we believe it is the bedrock of a healthy society committed to equality and fairness.