The Value layer of the Internet The fundamental protocol that allows anyone to create and exchange value, powered by zero-knowledge technology.

The most adopted scaling technology 1. Public Chains. 2. App Specific Chains. 3. Decentralized Identity.

Public Chains 1. Polygon PoS 2. Polygon zkEVM 3. Polygon Miden

Polygon PoS Support the most widely used Ethereum scaling ecosystem that offers EVM compatibility and an ultimate user experience with fast transactions at near-zero gas fees today.

Polygon zkEVM Unlock Ethereum scalability while maintaining security with the first ZK-rollup that offers EVM equivalence with fast transactions at near-zero gas cost today.

Polygon Miden Build advanced dApps with client-side proving with the first decentralized rollup that leverages execution proofs of concurrent, local transactions.

Decentralized Identity Polygon ID Build trusted and secure relationships between users and dApps, following the principles of self sovereign identity and privacy by default.