The future of crypto payments gateway with auto-swap to target currency High conversion rate, decentralized, blazing fast connection, multichain

Universal Polus Payments supports integration in every blockchain-based apps. It can be used in Marketplaces, Exchanges, GameFi, Lending protocols, Launchpads & more

Secure The first completely secure decentralized payments gateway which makes possible integration to decentalized Apps. Polus Payments does not store clients’ money.

Easy to integrate Any junior full stack developer can integrate Polus like a fiat gateway. The detailed documentation makes an integration process fast and trouble-free

USE CASES 1. E-commerce. 2. Exchange. 3. Apps & Game. 4. Marketplace.

Platform We deliver a wide range of opportunities: a dashboard, a detailed transaction history, non-custodial crypto wallet, specific fee settings, flexible financial reports and complex receipt setting.