What is PlatON? PlatON is an open financial infrastructure with privacy- preserving computation at its core. Initiated and driven by the LatticeX Foundation, we aim to build a leading blockchain platform in the web3 era

PlatON is building a trustless digital economy with its bottom-layer infrastructure, payment and clearing system, and asset circulation & management platform.

PlatON Chain An EVM-compatible PoS protocol backed by privacy-preserving com- putation offering exceptional user experience and fast transactions with minimal fees.

PlatON Payment Infrastructure TOPOS is a trustless, open infrastructure for digital payments built on asset tokenization, issuance tools, wallet SDKs, MPC-TSS, and priva- cy-preserving computation, delivering a trustless digital economy and payment solutions.

PlatON AppChain Appchain extension standards with PlatON as the RootChain, offering flexible, reliable, all-in-one blockchain solutions across industries.

PlatON NFT Minting Platform PlatON provides all-inclusive services for minting, managing, and trading NFTs, enabling trustless minting, secure storage, and sea-mless circulation.