What is Pionex? Pionex provides a safe and reliable cryptocurrency platform for users to trade:

Pionex has a 100% cryptocurrency storage reserve, and the Merkle tree is regularly updated on the official website. Allowing users to view the details of their assets at any time. No misappropriation of user funds so users can deposit and withdraw coins at any time

Pionex provides a variety of quantitative trading robots, such as the most well-known Grid Trading robots. Users can choose the most suitable robot according to their own trading needs and strategies. 

At the same time, Pionex also provides Perpetual Futures and Futures Grid Trading robots to provide a more convenient Perpetual Futures trading experience.

Pionex does not provide OTC and does not list coins to raise funds. Also, Pionex does not launch any projects to prevent projects from deceiving users.

Pionex has trading tools and services that provide users with a valuable trading platform and establish a win-win relationship between users and Pionex.