What is Phemex? Phemex facilitates a future powered by blockchain technology that provides us all with richer, more meaningful lives. They seek to empower users in a world with boundless opportunity, greater equality, and massive freedom.

 Phemex eliminates privilege and exclusivity. This new paradigm offers everyone the same starting point and limitless possibilities. Winners will be determined purely by their diligence, foresight, and capacity to rapidly adapt.

Why Choose Phemex 365 x 24 System The transaction engine and cross engine are built on the raft protocol, providing high performance and 365 x 24 availability. The system design is protected by a patent.

300,000 Transactions processed per second Custom-built trading engines process 300,000 transactions per second with order response times of less than 1 millisecond. Smoothly handles over $10 billion in trading volume each day.

Highest level of wallet security Their cold wallet storage transfers require level 2 human review offline signatures, so your assets are protected in every aspect.

Professional team from Morgan Stanley Phemex’s founding team consists of ex-Morgan Stanley executives who boast decades of practical Wall Street experience. The team is professional, flexible and highly efficient.

Sub-accounts make trading easily Compatible with institutional traders' FIX API and quantitative traders' sub-accounts. Whatever type of trader you are, we’ve got you covered.

24 x 7 live multilingual support They provide 24 x 7 live multilingual customer support. Our CEO is available on Telegram and Twitter.