What is Phala Network?  Phala Network is revolutionizing Web3 by providing dApp developers with an off-chain compute infrastructure that is truly decentralized and trustless.

Stats 35,741 Online Workers 117,790 vCPU Compute 9,124 Cross-Chain TX 108,386,760 TX

TRUSTLESS MEV Trustless MEV refers to the concept of eliminating reliance on trusted service providers, such as Flashbot, in the Miner Extractable Value (MEV) ecosystem. Currently, 80% of Ethereum blocks are built by MEV, but the existing MEV stack depends on these trusted providers.

DECENTRALIZED API Decentralized APIs can enhance the trust worthiness of various services, such as Infura, Graph, Alchemy, and RPC APIs.

DISTRIBUTED COMPUTING Distributed computing enables multiple computers to work together to solve complex problems, making a computer network appear as a powerful single computer.

WEB3 AI Web3 AI refers to the integration of decentralized AI systems with blockchain technology. This enables distributed model training, ensuring data privacy while benefiting from diverse data sources.