What is Pangolin? Pangolin is a multi-chain decentralized digital assets exchange (DEX). Through advanced tooling, deep liquidity, and smooth onboarding, Pangolin offers easy swaps and great tools for projects and traders.

Pangolin embarks on a multi-chain journey Building towards a chain-agnostic future where users onboard to multiple chains, allowing to flow to and from our host chains easily with a few clicks. It is our intent for that future to be right here at Pangolin. 

Pangolin Dao Vision  The Pangolin DAO sees a future that brings the multi-chain architecture together and allows new users to seamlessly access the world of DeFi without a care for what the underlying technology actually is.

FEATURES Token swaps: Trade any token on the Avalanche network for another token. Liquidity pools & farms: Provide liquidity to the pools to earn swap fees proportional to the share of the pool & provide liquidity to the farms to earn additional reward tokens.

Single-sided liquidity provision (such as PNG): Deposit tokens into single-sided pools that are available to earn reward tokens. Governance: Vote on governance proposals using the governance token, PNG.

Analytics: Get more insight about the tokens, pools, the exchange’s volume, TVL, and track portfolio.

PNG Token’s Use Case PNG is a governance token. It can be used for: – participating in governance by voting on proposal PNG is not backed by any monetary value. PNG's value is in determining the protocol’s direction.