What is Osmosis? Osmosis is the premier cross-chain DeFi hub. As the liquidity center and primary trading venue of Cosmos – the open, emergent ecosystem of sovereign Layer 1s connected with the Inter-Blockchain Communication protocol (IBC)

The Osmosis Ecosystem is a suite of premier, DAO-gated dApps that are tightly integrated into the Osmosis AMMs and IBC routing capabilities. Most recently, Mars Protocol launched its lending and credit protocol on Osmosis, and dozens of other developer teams are building index tokens, options, perps, stops and limit orders, automated trading, yield vaults, NFTs, and more.

Why Osmosis? 1. On customizability of liquidity pool 2. Self-governing liquidity pool 3. AMM as serviced infrastructure

On customizability of liquidity pool The tools Osmosis provides allow the market participants to self-identify opportunities and allow them to react by adjusting the various parameters. An optimal equilibrium between fee and liquidity can be reached through autonomous experiments and iterations.

Self-governing liquidity pool In Osmosis, the liquidity pool shares are not only used to calculate the fractional ownership of a liquidity pool, but also the right to participate in the strategic decision making of the liquidity pool as well.

AMM as serviced infrastructure Osmosis introduces the idea of an 'AMM as a serviced infrastructure'. Fairly often, adjustment of the value function and a few additional parameters are all that's needed to provide a highly-efficient, highly-accessible AMM for the majority of decentralized financial instruments.