What is Orca? Orca is an advanced protocol built around a Concentrated Liquidity Automated Market Maker (CLAMM).

Orca is a DAO, with powers delegated to a DAO council, established through a vote. Holders of the ORCA token can engage with governance, by formulating, discussing and refining proposals , and help plot Orca DAO's course through the DeFi seas.

On Orca, you can trade tokens cheaply, quickly, confidently (thanks to the Fair Price Indicator), and with low slippage (thanks to the capital efficiency of Orca's CLAMM pools).

As a liquidity provider, you can take advantage of permission-less pools, a simple UI enabling anyone to create a pool for the vast majority of SPL tokens, with adjustable fee tier.

As a builder you can tap into the most efficient source of liquidity on Solana, build quickly and easily using Orca's double audited, open-source smart contract and open-source SDK, and join the growing number of projects that are integrating with Orca.

 Orca will continue to deliver an easy-to-integrate, capital-efficient, permissionless trading environment. Feel the difference and dive into a human-centered UI that is built to just work.