What is Opulous? Opulous believes in a future where musicians keep control of the music they create and forge even deeper connections with their fans.

Opulous Team The Opulous team is composed of experienced professionals from a variety of industries, including music, tech, and marketing. The team is united by their passion for music and their belief that blockchain technology can revolutionize the music industry.

Opulous Mission  The traditional financing structures within the music industry are outdated and centralized. Opulous democratizes music financing while strengthening the artist-fan connection, creating a more equitable and supportive music economy.

Opulous AI A game changing tool for artists, labels and OPUL holders to predict future royalties on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

Opulous Finance Music catalogs are one of the fastest growing real world assets and now they are tokenized and available to you through to the blockchain. Get access to music catalogs including artists such as BTS, Prince and Beyonce, and earn 10% APY staking on USDC.

Music Fungible Token MFTs are a brand new way to experience the music that you love. Support your favorite artists and share rewards from stores like Spotify and Apple.