What is Optimism? Optimism is a Public Benefit Corporation dedicated to scaling Ethereum in a way that enshrines fair access to public goods. 

Optimistic Rollup Optimistic Rollup is a layer 2 scaling solution that scales both transaction throughput and computation on Ethereum. The backbone of our implementation is the Optimistic Virtual Machine (OVM), which is fully compatible with the EVM.

Optimistic Rollup is the first layer 2 scaling solution that enables: 1. Usability 2. Familiar workflow 3. Money Lego$

Usability: low latency transactions for the speed of a Web 2.0 experience, and smart contracts at a fraction of the cost.

Familiar workflows: developers preserve the Ethereum developer experience — the same smart contracts, APIs, and dev tooling. Migrate existing contracts without breaking them.

Money Lego$: seamless interoperability between dApps and smart contracts.