What is Ontology? The Ontology blockchain is a high speed, low cost public blockchain bringing decentralized identity and data solutions to Web3.

Increasing privacy, transparency, and trust, the high speed, low cost, layer 2 blockchain is designed to give users and enterprises the flexibility to build blockchain-based solutions that suit their needs, while also ensuring regulatory compliance.

Mission Ontology is building the infrastructure to provide trusted access to Web3, allowing individuals and enterprises to rest assured that through regulatory compliant digital identity solutions, users and their privacy come first.

Features 1. Fast. 2. Accessible. 3. Secure.

OWN YOUR VALUE OWN (Ontology Web3 Network) Infrastructure is a series of blockchain based protocols and products created by Ontology for Web3 applications.

ONT ID At Ontology, we envision a future where your identity and data are protected through encryption.  Your on and off-chain data are secured without stress or worry. With ONT ID, you can protect your identity and data without constant oversight or maintenance.

ONT WALLET Manage your digital identity, data, and assets all in one cross-chain wallet.