What Is Oasys? Oasys combines the best of public and private blockchain technologies to deliver a seamless, speedy, and zero-gas-fee blockchain gaming experience. 

Oasys is a revolutionary, decentralised blockchain video gaming platform that puts real power in gamers and developers’ hands. We’re on a journey to become the global standard for blockchain gaming and promote real value for gamers in the blockchain universe.

Oasys’ partnership with major gaming and web3 companies ensures a cutting-edge development environment, fast and secure transactions.

Oasys is an EVM-compatible, proof-of-stake public blockchain that solves blockchain game developers’ most difficult challenges. The key to Oasys’ superior performance is its two-layer design. 

Layer 1 is the Hub Layer, which offers high network stability, endless scalability, and uninterrupted data availability. Layer 2 is the Verse Layer, where developers create their dApps.