What Is Netrum? Netrum is “The Future of Technology”, universal, practical and easy to use. We will always adapt and adjust the platform development in order to improve user’s experience. Netrum have many features for its users, it can connect easily with nowadays financial System. 

The Core of Netrum System prioritize the Consumers, Netrum aims to develop its platform to the frontier of technology thus it will benefit its users by offering the latest tech available.

Netrum Technology Blockchain-based NETRUM which offers Scalability, High Transaction Speed and Security compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum . But our goal in making the NETRUM Blockchain is to make a new ecosystem solution which will utilize this technology along with it’s functionality.

Proof of Work ( PoW ) PoW is a computer algorithm that is used to solve Block puzzle to reach verification deal. PoW needs miners for new block verification.

Proof of Stake ( PoS ) PoS algorithm chooses nodes randomly as a validator for the next block. Which is based on the combination of a number of factors; Staking Age, Randomization, and the wealth contained by nodes (for NETRUM they use Masternodes).

Masternode Masternode is a computer node in 1 IP Address or Crypto Wallet that stores the Blockchain copy from the first Block to the most recent.