What is Neo? Neo is an open-source community driven blockchain platform. Neo enables developers to digitize and automate the management of assets through smart contracts.

Governance and Incentive As a community-driven open platform, Neo N3's on-chain governance model introduces new, essential roles along with an incentive model to ensure that all participants are rewarded accordingly.

Governance Strategy The new governance model consists of candidates, committee members, and consensus nodes. 

NEO Token NEO is the Governing Token. Neo holders can participate in Neo network management, including voting for consensus nodes, network parameter modification, etc

NEO Token NEO has a max supply of 100 million tokens and the smallest unit of 1, or in other words, is not divisible. NEO holders are the owners and managers of the Neo network.

NeoVM NeoVM is a lightweight virtual machine for executing NEO smart contracts. As the core component of NEO, NeoVM has Turing completeness and high consistency, which can implement arbitrary execution logic and ensure consistent execution.