What is Mux Protocol? The MUX Protocol Suite is a complex of protocols with features that will offer optimized trading cost, deep liquidity, a wide range of leverage options and diverse market options for traders.

Optimized Trading Cost MUX selects the most suitable liquidity route and minimizes the composite cost for traders while meeting the needs of opening positions.

Smart Position Routing MUX dynamically routes positions to suited underlying trading protocols based on market, position size and user preferences.

Leverage Boosting While MUX allows up to 100x leverage under its native pool, it can also supply additional margin for traders to raise the leverage up to 100x on aggregated underlying protocols.

Features Universal Liquidity The MUX liquidity pool unifies assets from all deployed chains, supported by multiplexing layer infrastructures. Liquidity Multiplexing Pooled liquidity will be dynamically shared between MUX margin trading and third-party DEX mining across chains to achieve high utilization.

Liquidity Aggregation MUX aggregates scattered liquidity from different protocols, further offering a consistent and convenient trading experience. Multi-Asset Pool MUX liquidity pool holds a portfolio of blue-chip assets and uses dynamic open interest caps to eliminate traders' counterparty risks.

Trade Open long or short positions with up to 100x leverage and 0% price impact Provide Liquidity Buy and stake MUXLP to earn protocol income and MUX reward