What is Mute? Mute, at its core, is a DeFi platform building a liquidity hub for all protocols built on zkSync.  More specifically Mute's flagship dApp, the Mute Switch, is an AMM DEX w/ limit orders, a farming platform, and Bond platform

The Team The team behind Mute has a deep history with Zero-Knowledge protocols in crypto. Before Mute, the team created the first Zero-Knowledge Atomic Swap protocol between BTC and UTXO based chains, along with innovative work on Zerocoin and Sigma addressing schemes and transactions.

Mute Switch The Mute Switch is a zkRollup DeFi Platform built on zkSync v2. Invest & trade, earn yields, and participate in Bonds all on one decentralized, community driven platform. Leverage the security of Ethereum without high gas fees.

Features include: – AMM based DEX w/ Limit order – 1-3s settlement – 95%+ gas cost savings compared to L1 ETH – Yield Generation Platform  – Bond Offerings – DAO 

Liquidity Pool Pool Design The Mute Switch is designed to have a dynamic setup for Liquidity Pools so that both Stable and Normal 

AMM curves can be utilized.    Stable Pool - Assets that trade within a close price range (e.g USDC/DAI) Normal Pool - Assets that trade with no correlation (eg. ETH / WBTC)

Governance The Mute Switch comes prefabbed with a built in LP governance & delegation system. This allows for complex protocols to be built on-top of the Mute Switch protocol, but also allows for dynamic fees within any LP pool.