What is MetaverseX? MultiversX is a highly scalable, secure and decentralized blockchain network created to enable radically new applications, for users, businesses, society, and the new metaverse frontier.

VISION  Vision for MultiversX is to create an elegant and powerful expression for a positive, complementary, and perhaps even magical interplay between the physical world and the Metaverse world. 

One where both worlds are explored and expanded to their maximum potential, co-existing harmoniously, not as replacements but as significant complements. This is what we call the Multiverse. The power of X takes this idea to its outer limit, in scope, scale, variation, and richness.

Full decentralization - Eliminating the need for any trusted third party, hence removing any single point of failure; Robust security - Allowing secure transactions and preventing any attacks based on known attack vectors;

High scalability - Enabling the network to achieve a performance at least equal to the centralized counterpart, as measured in TPS; Efficiency - Performing all network services with minimal energy and computational requirements;

Bootstrapping and storage enhancement - Ensuring a competitive cost for data storage and synchronization;  Cross-chain interoperability - Enforced by design, permitting unlimited communication with external services.