The first context-aware p2p protocol for blockchain MOI uses participants as a key element of computation to realize a new era of "contextual computation".

Together, we can humanize web3 This subtle shift reorients technology to the needs of humans rather than applications, ensuring an equitable, democratic, simple, and sustainable future for the digitally interacting world.

Why MOI? 1. Focus on participants. 2. Human-like interactions. 3. Billions of assets. 4. Dynamic & general purpose

Built on ISM MOI leverages ISM (Interaction State Machine) which is a state machine replication technology designed for a digitally interconnected society.

Explore the ecosystem 1. Voyage. 2. MOIBit. 3. IOME. 4. Mint Valley. 5. Babylon

Network statistic Indus Testnet Incentivised Public Testnet 295 - Verified Node Operators 1,192 - Guardian Nodes 2,090,000 - Guardian Rewards 151 - Nakamoto Coefficient

Network statistic Babylon Testnet 5,600 - Verified Node Operators 10,000 - Guardian Nodes 21,000,000 - Guardian Rewards 510* - Nakamoto Coefficient