What is MEXC? Founded in 2018, MEXC is known as the exchange of high performance and mega transaction matching technology. The team at MEXC are some of the first movers and pioneers of financial and blockchain technology.

Why MEXC ? MEXC has grown rapidly in 2019, gaining a 5% global digital asset trading market share within a year. Very recently in 2021 at the Crypto Expo Dubai MEXC was awarded the "Best Crypto Exchange Asia" award, adding an additional star to the already fulfilling list of achievements.

Safety and Stability Multi-tier, multi-cluster system architecture. High Performance High performance trade matching engine technology handling a gigantic 1.4 million units per second.

High Liquidity 10+ million traders and MEXC partners, ensuring enough liquidity and abundant resources on the platform. Localized Language Support Supports multiple languages worldwide, creating localized content for our native traders.

Multi Cryptocurrency Support   Providing trading pairs and cryptocurrencies for our traders including BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC etc.

Security User security is of top priority at MEXC because of which our servers are hosted independently across multiple countries ensuring optimal data integrity and security.