What is Metadium? Metadium’s second generation uses its advanced technology and experience to provide a new ecosystem of compliant services and solutions that serve as the bridge to blockchain’s true potential.

Features 1. High scalability 2. DID, NFT, and DeFi platforms 3. EVM compatibility

Metadium's evergrowing ecosystem includes identity and data protection, innovative metaverse platforms, and highly secure payment and asset management services.

Metadium 2.0's blockchain identity will be more flexible and solid in the ecosystem. Based on the experience of Metadium 1.0, the situation is analyzed accordingly to the market change. 

These influences are rippling through the ecosystem, bringing everyone aboard the Identity Wave and setting a clear baseline when needed.

Metadium has three main characteristics:  1. Extensibility 2. DID 3. EVM compatibility.