What is the Lumos Metaverse? The Lumos Metaverse is a platform built by Lumos Labs to help developers/builders find the various opportunities in the Web3 space by connecting with high-functioning Web3 companies and funds.

What is Lumos Labs? Lumos Labs is a Web3 enabler that is building an ecosystem to help builders and web3 platforms with opportunities to grow.

While the form was filled out a while back,  Lumos Labs had the opportunity to relook at our overall offering and revise our focus from just a Lumos Metaverse to a larger, holistic Lumos Labs developer-centric ecosystem, hence the above-proposed revision.

How can I be a part of the Lumos Metaverse? The Lumos Metaverse is a work-in-progress and the MVP is posed to be launched by Q4 2022. But you can gain early access to the Metaverse by joining the Lumos Metaverse Community hosted on Discord.

BUIDLer 1. Find learning, earning and job opportunities, all in one place 2. Sport über cool, futuristic looks with customisable Digital Avatar 3. Build your resume to showcase your skills and professional experience 4. Find your tribe and grow your network

Web3 Business 1. Set up virtual headquarters and reach a vast developer community 2. Simplify access to ecosystem opportunities to nurture your community 3. Elevate your brand with multiple immersive and experiential option

Web3 Communities 1. Manage your community from your very own virtual headquarter 2. Get customised, branded avatars for you and your community 3. Host community events in a seamless, immersive virtual space