What is Klever? KleverChain is a layer 1 blockchain platform designed to offer a seamless, secure, and scalable foundation for decentralized applications (dApps) and digital assets. 

Klever Aim Klever aims to simplify blockchain technology for developers and users alike, making it more accessible for everyday applications.

Why Klever? Start building dApps easier, faster and with more efficiency on the Klever Blockchain. Its low-code platform significantly reduces the necessity for extensive blockchain expertise, enabling developers at any level to get involved without delay. 

The Klever Virtual Machine (KVM) Klever Virtual Machine is an advanced Layer 2 solution, accelerates the execution of smart contracts, ensuring your dApps run smoothly and with minimal fees.

$KFI $KFI, the governance token of Klever Blockchain Applications, empowers its holders to govern protocol configurations such as application fees and referrals, and to approve new apps using a decentralized on-chain voting system.